A difinitive online collection on smokeless tobacco.




The Blum Oral Tobacco Collection


The Blum Oral Tobacco collection is a collaboration between the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society and contains over 5000 "smokeless tobacco" artifacts spanning several decades.


Blum Oral Tobacco Collection

Blum Oral Tobacco Poster

Alan Blum and Lori Jacobi have painstakingly develped a collection of related materials in order to maintain the context of the materials and events as they were collected.

Roswell Park provided imaging and cataloging services as they hosts the collection. Currently, the Center is indexing documents from the collection in conjunction with Roswell Park.

The development of this collection was made possible with the support of the American Legacy Foundation as part of the support of the development of tobacco industry document collection scanning at Roswell Park.