Doctors Smoked Camels




An exhibit of cigarette advertising illustrating health claims in cigarette advertising and collaboration between health officials and cigarette companies.



When More Doctors Smoked Camels, An

Illustrated History of Health Claims in Cigarette Advertising. Junior League Bama Theatre, Tuscaloosa, AL. September 10-27, 2006


When More Doctors Smoked Camels, An Exhibit On Cigarettes Advertising From 1888 to 1988. Houston Academy of Medicine, June 23-30, 1989, Pg 2.


When More Doctors Smoked Camels, American Medical News, June 23-30, 1989. Pg 2

Cigarette Exhibit Tracks Health Claims, Endorsements. The Birmingham News, December 7, 2001.

When More Doctors Smoked Camels, New York State Journal of Medicine Exhibit In A Journal. 1983. Pgs. 47-52.pdf

Luther Terry Tobacco Control Stamp Exhibit

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The Blum Oral Tobacco Collection

Blum Oral Tobacco Collection

Blum Oral Tobacco Poster

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Cartoonist Exhibits

Hundreds of editorial cartoons relating to tobacco and society collected by Alan Blum. The collection has been exhibited at locations across the country including:

The National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington DC.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.

The National Conference of Tobacco or Health, Minneapolis, MN

“Cartoonists Take Up Smoking” retraces the era of modern anti-smoking advocacy as seen through the eyes of America’s newspaper editorial cartoonists. These trenchant works of art satirize tobacco company executives, from their sabotage of clean indoor air legislation and airline smoking bans to their circumvention of restrictions on advertising and promotion. But the cartoons have also poked fun at anti-smoking zealotry and have highlighted the hypocrisy of state attorneys general seeking cash damages from an industry with whom the states had long been in cahoots.

Above all, editorial cartoonists have shown that the most addictive thing about tobacco is money.

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